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The Campaign

To ask single parents and those who were raised by a single parent to send an email showing just how brilliant they are.

Gingerbread started a campaign Single Parents: You’re Brilliant

Many of us have the badge on our blog, or have referred to it in posts and it has made people stop and think.

But it needed the next step, it needed faces, people and stories putting to the campaign.

In the last few weeks there have been many blog posts and newspaper articles written about the riots and the consequent blaming of single parents, James Beaven sums up the attacks in his article for the Labour List here

I wrote (ranted) my feelings days after blaming started here

And so many others were equally as angry and blogged and wrote about it…

Emily @ My Shitty Twenties – If I could speak to Dave

Joe Lavelle @ Huffington Post – Lone Parents are the Role Models we Need

Juliet @ Three Happy Things - It’s Discrimination Pure & Simple

The piece that Tanya Gold wrote in the Guardian was such a relief to read, she showed with the magic of statistics and numbers that all the labels, assumptions and blame put onto single parents were really just made up.

And there are many more about on the internet (if you have written one and want it linked please let me know)

On various forums people are writing and they are both angry at being blamed but also feel powerless of how we can change this.

That led me start this campaign.

So what is the plan?

I am asking for single parents and/or children who were raised by single parents to send me an email that shows how brilliant they are.

The email could be a couple of lines or pages about a certain event where you have battled through a hard situation, or a proud moment where your child has succeeded. It could be about how your family is more stable being a single one. How you do the best you can for your child.

You can include photos or videos, anything goes.

What will happen to all the emails?

I will compile them and then send them to David Cameron. In his recent article about feckless fathers and other speeches where blame has been put onto single parents he finishes the sentence with “but of course there are wonderful single parents who are working hard out there”.

I want to show him that actually the majority of us are the wonderful hard working ones, so do not blame all the problems of society on us. I want him to see the real faces and lives of single parents, that we are not the bottom society, and we should not be talked about or treated that way.

Will it make a difference?

I hope so, and I also hope that as well as raising awareness to the government it will also show to other single parents they are not alone and have support out there.

Will the information be published?

It would be lovely if we can have a section on here showing some of the stories, but that will be up to you when you send me the email, let me know if you are happy to post it on here or not.

Emails will be published here

Sending in an email

Send your email to


Please include if you are happy for me to post your story on this blog

Other Comments

If you don’t have time to send an email, but want to show your support please leave a comment here

Anything else?

Please help me get the campaign out there, via Twitter, Facebook, your blog, email and old fashioned talking about it.  You can grab the button here to put on your website

Thanks for all your support